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Managed Services (IT)

Managed IT Services for Information Technology (IT)

As your company grows, its needs grow too. No single corporation has been able to take over the entire world with just a small and meagre team. Help is an imminent need and the best way to get help is by choosing the right outsourcing partner.

A managed service partner such as CloudLync will help you delegate your IT operations. We as a third-party organization specialize in handling all of your responsibilities relating to management, architecture and other technological proceedings which prove to be an inhouse impossibility.

Managed IT Services for Information Technology (IT)

Our Managed Service Provider (MSP)

We, as Managed Service Providers (or MSPs), come with specialization and expertise in handling bulk processes and thus aid in reducing your operational burden.

By choosing a Managed Service Provider to outsource your mundane and monotonous or highly attentive IT, infrastructure, data or security requirements, you not only save on the operations and resources but will save a huge paycheck on the cost as well. By outsourcing your needs, you are essentially eliminating your constant need to monitor a temporary workforce, their productivity and the fear of errors.

  • Development of infrastructure
  • Round the clock monitoring of your infrastructure
  • Application development
  • Payroll management
  • Cyber Security and Firewall Services
  • Data Warehousing
  • Cloud Computing
  • Backup and Fixes

Our Reputed Managed IT Services:

By availing our Managed IT Services, you can easily delegate your IT operations, business IT systems and many more such processes to us based on a Service Level Agreement (SLA) Depending on the terms agreed upon in the SLA, we can provide your company with a wide range of services. A few of them are:

Benefits of Outsourcing IT through Managed Services

While these are some of the top requested services by our most reputed and also some of our recent clients, our list is as long as our experience and as thorough as our expertise. Any additional if not specific request for a service can be raised and our logistical team will approach you and get the clarification done so that you can avail our services.

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