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Security Operations Center(SOC)

Lets Monitor, Protect & Manage 24x7x365. Equipped with the tools, expertise and delivery framework
to provide business-aligned and secure IT solutions, Managed Services

Is your company completely safe from all sorts of data breaches and attacks?

Being a business owner, you might have spent huge bucks in providing complete security to your company’s crucial data. But are you sure your data is completely safe and protected? The ever increasing cyber-attacks and vulnerabilities to data loss require a highly secured mechanism that can help you detect, analyze and remove all the threats. CloudLync’s Security Operations Center is a cloud-based SOC that provides detection, protection, and complete visibility into the environment.

Our SOC incorporates powerful coverage that helps detect and monitor your network for all kinds of cybersecurity attacks. Our SOC as a service approach is intelligent, cloud-based and scalable that grows with your security needs.

Security Operations Center(SOC)
Integrity SOC

Why does every company need a Security Operations Center?

Regardless of the size, every company is striving hard to expand its footprints across the globe. With this expansion, the need for robust and fortified security is greater than ever before. To get a hold on the attacks, CloudLync helps enterprises detect, monitor, analyze and secure their critical data with Security Operations Center.
Our SOC teams ensure timely detection and response of security incidents by analyzing comprehensive activity across networks, endpoints, servers and databases around the clock. Our SOC as a service provides 24/7 monitoring enabling you to defend against incidents, intrusions, and attacks regardless of source, time and type of attack.

SOC is the utmost requirement of every company to safeguard essential data. This helps you detect, analyze, respond to, and prevent cybersecurity attacks using a combination of technology solutions and a resilient set of processes.

CloudLync for SOC Services

What makes CloudLync your Best Choice?

To ensure complete security at your enterprise, you need a dedicated team of experts with cloud expertise and knowledge about handling managed security services. With our SOC as a service, we provide you the security that you can trust and can completely rely upon. We provide:

  • 24/7/365 monitoring with dedicated SOC

  • State of the art Security Tools and Controls

  • Highly knowledgeable and dedicated Staff in managing Cyber Security Services

  • Timely Response and Availability

  • Compliant with Regulatory Standards and data sovereignty laws

CloudLync can be your best choice that eliminates the need to hire in-house cybersecurity experts and handles all your threats on our own. We deploy dedicated security engineers in charge of monitoring the network activity of client businesses. The skilled and trained engineers supply essential security updates along with the regular reports that help assess the current state of the network activity. With our SOC, the companies will have better peace of mind knowing their critical data and systems are under advanced security.

If you want to ensure your company’s IT infrastructure, contact CloudLync today to see what we can do for you.

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