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Network Operations Center(NOC)

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What is NOC?

A NOC (pronounced as “knock”) is a technical team that practically maintains the RMM (Remote Monitoring and Managing) software. It acts as an outside defence system that readily protects the infrastructure and equipment of a network. This way, it helps manage databases, firewalls, telecommunications, and also monitors dashboards.

An organization can clearly understand it’s a network by virtue of a NOC (Network Operation solutions within time. A NOC also ensures that Managed Service Providers (MSPs) do not tackle highly sensitive issues affiliated to network troubleshooting and router.Center). Hence, it can detect deviations and either provide preventive measures or quick.

What is NOC

NOC Services provided by CloudLync:

CloudLync has been one of the leading choices for NOC services for many companies. Our NOC services include monitoring of the infrastructure and health of your network. We make adjustments such that the network performs at an optimal rate.

Our NOC suite also includes the following services:

  • Recommending improvements
  • Intrusion prevention
  • System monitoring and management
  • Email and Chat management services
  • Network Infrastructure and Application software installations
  • Network troubleshooting and updating
  • Data Management
  • Reduces Downtime with Remote System Backups
  • Managing Operations Remotely
  • Monitoring Networks
  • Documentation and Reports by NOC Providers
  • Backup and storage management
  • Network assessments
  • Policy enforcement
  • Antivirus scanning and healing
  • Shared threat analysis
  • Optimization and quality of network
  • Voice traffic management

In case an NOC detects an issue, depending on the severity, our team either aims at identifying the issue’s origin so as to prevent any future problems or solves the surfacing issues.

Difference between NOC and Help Desk:

A NOC and a Help Desk are not the same. NOC deals with the MSPs of the client while Help Desks interacts with the end clients.

If MSPs of a company face issues such as DDoS Attacks, power outages, network failures, and routing black-holes, they take the support of a NOC team and solve the issue as soon as possible. At the same time, if the end-users of the company face any issues, Help Desk comes into the picture but may not solve the issue immediately.

NOC delivers back-end support and helps MSPs solve client issues that may arise while a Help Desk provides end-users with instant solutions for current experiencing issues. A NOC is purely responsible for spotting issues and making quick decisions on how to resolve them while a Help Desk acts as customer support and doesn’t solve the problem.

However, a NOC and a Help Desk, both contribute a huge role in establishing a constructive customer experience.

CloudLync for NOC Services

Network Operations (NOC)

CloudLync brought together a strong team of 50 multi-skilled professionals to ensure the optimal performance of your network. Our team is committed to perfectly configure your network and make it more secure and function soundly. We always strive to shape the future of your MSP thereby, your end-clients.

CloudLync possesses a thorough understanding of the diverse needs of MSPs and guards a stable core network. Our team makes sure to serve you around the clock and endeavors to design and build smoothly running networks with our properly trained and well-equipped tools and automation.

24/7 Uptime: CloudLync performs predictive analysis and constant onsite maintenance to provide you with a seamless experience. Any issues detected would be resolved almost instantaneously.

Robust Support: Our support teams are in constant standby to help you and your personnel with any issues, queries or problems with any and all of our services

Scalable: All of our systems are built and managed to scale. So as your business needs grow, your network grows with you

If you want to ensure your company’s IT infrastructure, contact CloudLync today to see what we can do for you.

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