Cisco Voice

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Cisco Voice

We offer  CiscoVoice courses in Cloudlync and reach associate level Cisco Voice knowledge and skills.

Why Are We The Best?

CCNA Voice

  • Describe the Characteristics of a Cisco Unified Communications Solution
  • Provision End Users and Associated Devices
  • Configure Voice Messaging and Presence
  • Maintain Cisco Unified Communications System
  • Provide End User Support


CCNP Voice

  • Describe a dial Plan
  • Describe the basic operation and components involved in a VoIP call
  • Implement Cisco Unified Communication Manager to support endpoints using CLI
  • Describe the components of a gateway
  • Implement a gateway
  • Implement Cisco Unified Border Element
  • Describe the need to implement QoS for Voice and Video
  • Perform initial setup of a Cisco Unified Communications manager cluster
  • Describe and configure Cisco Unified Communications manager to support on-cluster calling
  • Describe and configure a route plan for Cisco Unified Communications manager to support off-net calling
  • Describe and configure Cisco Unified Communications Manger media resources
  • Describe and configure the Cisco Unified Communications Manager support features and applications
  • Describe and implement centralized call processing redundancy
  • Describe and configure a multi-site dial plan for Cisco Unified Communication Manager
  • Implement call control discovery and Cisco Inter Company Media Exchange
  • Implement bandwidth management and Call Admission Control
  • Implement mobility features
  • Apply the Cisco recommended methodology used to Determine General Unified Communications System Problems and Issues
  • Identify Available Tools to Operate and Troubleshoot a Unified communications System
  • Troubleshoot Registration Issues
  • Troubleshoot Call Setup Issues
  • Troubleshoot Database
  • Troubleshoot Call Control Discovery and Cisco Inter Company Media Exchange
  • Troubleshoot Application Issues
  • Troubleshoot Media Resources
  • Troubleshoot Voice Quality Issues
  • Configure Cisco Unity Connection
  • Configure Cisco Unity Express using the GUI
  • Configure VPIM to network Cisco Unity Connection and cisco Unity Express
  • Implement Cisco Unified Presence Solution