Cisco Security

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Cisco Security

We offer  Cisco Security courses in Cloudlync and reach associate level Cisco security knowledge and skills.

Why Are We The Best?

CCNA Security

  • Common Security Threats
  • Security and Cisco Routers
  • AAA on Cisco Devices
  • IOS ACLs
  • Secure Network Management and Reporting
  • Common Layer 2 Attacks
  • Cisco Firewall Technologies
  • Cisco IPS
  • VPN Technologies


CCNP Security

  • Identity Management and Secure Access
  • Threat Defence
  • Troubleshooting, Monitoring and Reporting Tools
  • Threat Defence Architectures
  • Design Identity Management Architectures
  • Cisco Security Devices GUIs and Secured CLI Management
  • Management Services on Cisco Devices
  • Security Components ad Considerations
  • Secure Communications
  • Secure Communications Architecture
  • Content Security
  • Content Security Architectures

CCIE Security

  • Infrastructure, Connectivity, Communications and Network Security
  • Security Protocols
  • Application and Infrastructure Security
  • Threats, Vulnerability Analysis, and Mitigation
  • Cisco Security Products, Features and Management
  • Cisco Security Technologies and Solutions
  • Security Policies and Procedures, Best Practices and Standard